Australian University Research: Queensland

Not only do the universities in Australia offer excellent academic programs,
a lot of them also conduct high quality and innovative university research.

Queensland University of Technology The school is currently conducting multiple research projects related to health and science, and the researchers are supported with a lot of financial resources. A doctoral student, for example, won the Smart Futures Fellowship, which gives her $150,000 to conduct research on obesity.
QLD Brisbane In addition, Several researchers studying technology to treat Parkinson disease are granted a fellowship to conduct their research abroad. Some of the published research by QUT include the influence of anxiety to traffic accident, the fatal effects of coldness, and the livability of a dense residential area.

Bond University
Bond University encourages excellent individual and group research. At the same time, the school also devotes a lot of resources to its advanced degree programs to nurture the upcoming researchers. The research conducted by Bond can be categorized into four groups: business, technology & sustainable development, health sciences & medicine, humanities & social sciences, and law. Some of Bond’s research strength particularly lies in software development and database system, health services research, multiculturalism, Australian archeology, and dispute resolution.

Griffith University
Griffith has multiple highly acclaimed interdisciplinary research projects. The school conducts leading studies in water science, drug discovery & infectious disease, climate change adaptation, Asian politics, security, and development, and sustainable tourism. Many of these research areas are highly relevant to the current social and environmental development. Griffith has set up ample of research centers, focusing on specific subject matters; it has over 15 research centers conducting science and technology related studies. The research areas of the school range from arts, language, business, education, health to science, engineering, environment planning, and architecture.

James Cook University
Located in the tropical area, James Cook conducts leading research related to the tropics, and cross-disciplinary studies on environmental protection of the area. The school has four major research themes: tropical ecosystems, industries and economies in the tropics, peoples and societies in the tropics, and tropical health, medicine and biosecurity. The research done by James Cook has been recognized internationally, including studies on disasters in tropical Queensland, sustainable aquaculture, the impact of climate change on biodiversity, and strategies to cope with cyclones.

CQU – Central Queensland University

SCU – Southern Cross University

UQ – University of Queensland

USQ – University of Southern Queensland

USC – University of the Sunshine Coast

ACU – Australian Catholic University

University of Queensland, Sea World and Sydney Aquarium researchers are working together on a world-first project to monitor dugongs in the wild.

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