NSW – New South Wales Universities

Australian University Research: List of Universities in New South Wales

Not only is New South Wales the most populous state in Australia, it is also home to some of the best research universities in the nation.

New South Wales

University of Sydney
The University of Sydney aims at producing high-quality research studies by supporting research in established areas and by identifying and fostering new research topics. Some of the world renowned research centers and institutes at the University of Sydney include two ARC Centers of Excellence on autonomous systems, and optical systems. The school also conducts numerous research on teaching, infrastructure facilities, and medicine and health. Some of the research strengths of the University of Sydney in the health and medical sector are health research, biotechnology, public health and health services. In addition, the University of Sydney also has strong research in citizenship and culture, philosophy and society, and performing and visual arts.

The UNSW Flight Experimentation Program puts the pilots and aerospace engineers of the future through their paces

University of New South Wales
The University of New South Wales is one of the leading research institutes in Australia, conducting high-quality and innovative research studies while training new researchers through its rigorous academic programs. The University of New South Wales is the supporter of multiple national research centers, joint research centers, cooperative research centers, and ARC research centers. The school also has its own research institutes to conduct research on population ageing, contemporary art and politics, health informatics, marine bio-innovation, and refugee research. The University of New South Wales has established partnerships with many renowned research institutes abroad to carry out interdisciplinary studies and to ensure a steady funding for these excellent projects.

UTS – University of Technology Sydney

UOW – University of Wollongong

MACQUARIE – Macquarie University

SCU – Southern Cross University

NEWCASTLE – University of Newcastle

ACU – Australian Catholic University

SYDNEY – University of Sydney

University of New England
The strategic research priorities of the University of New England are environmental and agricultural change, rural health, and rural and regional education. Some of the targeted areas include law, security, water research and innovation network, and frontiers and boundaries. Since the the University of New England places a lot of emphasis on excellent research, it has devoted resources to multiple research centers, such as the Institute for Rural Futures, Center for Applied Research in Social Science, Heritage Futures Research Center, Language and Cognition Research Center, and the Center for Agriculture and Law. The University of New England also seeks to provide a nurturing environment for postgraduate students in order to foster them into excellent researchers.

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